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World famous Las Vegas| private swingers' parties since 1982!

Mon-Thurs, 9pm-2am / Fri & Sat, 8pm-3am / Closed Sunday

Live Entertainment

Couples & Singles Welcome

Upcoming & Weekly Events!

Welcome To The Red Rooster!

What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas! And nowhere in Sin City is that more true than at the longest running Swingers Club in Las Vegas: The Red Rooster!

Yes, Las Vegas isn't the same as it used to be in the glory days. These days it takes a small fortune to go out to a club in Vegas. $20 for a drink? $10 for a beer? And then what?

Imagine if there were a place that couples could go that only required a small $30 donation to enter? A place that had a friendly staff ready to assist you. Live entertainment and a dance floor? BYOB so you can bring your own alcoholic beverages? And best of all: A place filled with like-minded adults who are into the swinging lifestyle! And then imagine if this place had rooms on-site for erotic adult play?

Sounds to good to be true?

But it IS true! It's The Red Rooster! The ONLY adult lifestyle club in Las Vegas where you can have a cocktail, dance the night away, dress as sexy and revealing as you want to, enjoy swinging right there on-site...all in a safe and friendly environment.

You COULD spend a fortune at a nightclub on the strip and go home with nothing but an empty wallet. You COULD visit another swingers club in Vegas and spend a lot of money without being able to drink, socialize, or enjoy live entertainment.

Or you could come to the longest-running and ONLY swingers club in Vegas that you can enjoy a cocktail like an ADULT and have the best night of your life every night: The Red Rooster!


Party invitations are granted at the door by a cash donation from party guests. Sorry, but we will not negotiate for any reason and we reserve the right to refuse entry. Suggested donations are:
Couples $30 Mon - Sat
Single Men $40 Mon - Thurs
Single Men $50 Fri & Sat
Single Ladies $5 Mon - Sat

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Our entertainment schedule is always evolving. We host parties every night of the week excluding Sunday and have specialty parties for most holidays. Red Rooster parties commonly host DJs and other live musical performances. Click More Info to see all of our upcoming events.

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While we do require that all alcohol be checked in at one of two staffed in-house bars, we do not sell or supply spirits. Please don't ask. If you are intending on partaking in libations, you must come prepared with your own supply of booze. We do serve a few complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

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We require all guests to be at least 25 years of age. No exceptions. We will ask to see your id. From our experience (and now scientific data) we have found that those under 25 are less likely to behave properly in social-sexual situations.

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Directions To The Red Rooster

We are located 7 miles east of the Strip. Travel east on Tropicana Ave. past Boulder Highway to Steptoe St. turn right 2 blocks to greyhound Ave turn left – We are the only house on the block – 6405 Greyhound Lane.

We have taxis available for your convenience.
Tony: (702) 218-2357 off Weds. / Thurs.
Bill: (702) 326-8296 off Mon. / Tues. / Weds.
Karl: (702) 752-6784 off Sun. / Mon. / Tues.
Laura: (702) 832-7303 off Sat. / Sun.
Don: (702) 608-6283 off Sat. / Sun.

If you need further assistance, please call (702) 451-6661

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