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There are a few things to remember while attending a Red Rooster swinger's party. Most rules are common sense. If you are unsure of anything, ask an attendant.

Phone: 702-451-6661

Address: 6405 Greyhound Ln. Las Vegas, NV

Directions To The Red Rooster

We are located 7 miles east of the Strip. Travel east on Tropicana Ave. past Boulder Highway to Steptoe St. turn right 2 blocks to greyhound Ave turn left – We are the only house on the block – 6405 Greyhound Lane.

We have taxis available for your convenience.
Tony: (702) 218-2357 off Weds. / Thurs.
Bill: (702) 326-8296 off Mon. / Tues. / Weds.
Karl: (702) 752-6784 off Sun. / Mon. / Tues.
Laura: (702) 832-7303 off Sat. / Sun.
Don: (702) 608-6283 off Sat. / Sun.

If you need further assistance, please call (702) 451-6661

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